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25. Australian. Has a degree in graphic design. Forever holding her pen incorrectly.

25. Australian. Has a degree in graphic design. Forever holding her pen incorrectly.


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14 traditional Photoshop brushes + 4 stroke styles*

Add some life to your digital art with these Photoshop brushes!
Each brush is textured and adjusted accordingly to recreate the appearance of traditional media.
*Includes a bonus Style pack (.asl) with 4 different starter options that you can apply to your brushwork to give it that extra level of depth.


Q: What do you do?

At the moment I'm freelancing, so bits of everything. I specialise in digital art; taking a blank image in Photoshop and painting with the brush tool.
Digital painting is wonderful in the lack of restraint it provides to that of the virtual canvas: texture, stroke, brush type and flow, tone, composition, structure, artistic style... So much freedom can spawn from that single click of a button and without disruption to workflow or destructive mistakes.

Q: Do you take commissions?

Depending on what it is, yes! Digital portraits of people, pets or characters I definitely do. If you have any image you want painted or even airbrushed/edited/photoshopped, just shoot me an email! Keep in mind: digital painting is a lot more expensive than simple photoshopping or colour-grading.
I do also take on miscellaneous graphic design work so chuck me a message if you have something in mind!

Q: What monitor, programs & tablet do you use? Do you paint traditionally?

I've always used Photoshop - at the moment I'm using PS CS6. I currently paint with a large Wacom Intuos Pro on a 27" iMac.  I've painted traditionally before but I'm just nowhere near as confident and comfortable with it as I am with digital. I absolutely love traditional drawing.

Q: What is this wizardry? Is it specific brushes?

Don't ever start thinking it's the brushes you use that will make or break your work. It comes down to practice, plain and simple. The standard brushes in PS are perfectly fine for digital painting, and I still use them every now and then. I began incorporating more realistic brushes into my work as my tastes changed, I suppose. I download custom ones from DeviantArt's resources section.

Q: How do you achieve that 'gritty' look?

A combination of custom brushes and realistic overlays. I download various textures; painted canvases, blank canvases, paper, dirty concrete, etc. I select parts of the textures that I like and overlay them through multiple layers and blend modes.

Q: Do you trace your reference photos?

I get asked this all the time and my answer is almost always "where's the fun in that?".  The whole reason I do what I do is because I enjoy the process. Building up likeness by hand (I mean without tracing) is damn satisfying and when you reach that end point where you can stand back and feel genuinely proud of your work (even just for a little while) it makes the whole thing worth it.
I use a lot of photo reference, but I set it up next to what I'm painting. I get proportion right with the help of a grid overlay.

Check out this video to get an idea of how I work:

Q: Do you sell prints?

You can buy posters, canvas prints, pillows, phone cases, apparel and more from Society6 / RedBubble


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